Sale Horse


PRICE: $22,000

AGE: 2008

HEIGHT: 16.3h

COLOR: bay

SEX: Gelding

BREED: Thoroughbred



This horse embodies all the things I love about horses. He is kind, willing, athletic, intelligent and one of the hardest trying horses you will ever come by. I have been lucky enough to have him in my barn for a few years and have seen him evolve into such a generous teacher both on the flat and over fences. He has so many “foundation” lessons to teach. You can really learn the “feel” of what you want on the flat and you could probably jump him around a course of fences blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back and he would jump clean. He is a prince! I wish I could teach students on this horse all day every day. On top of that he will absolutely go out and win on his dressage score at training level with his amateur rider and has the scope and ability to do the same at modified or even preliminary with proper time, training and care. He could also make a really lovely low level dressage or jumper horse.

Now, of course there is a small catch. Nui needs the right person. He is a bit of a sensitive soul and one of those emotional sponges! His perfect person will understand that this horse is always giving 110% effort and when in a more energetic environment (like a busy warm up ring) he might need his rider to help him take a breath….THEN all is well. He is a big guy with lovely scopey movement so his perfectly matched rider should also enjoy a pleasantly forward ride! I will miss this horse’s face in my barn everyday so we will definitely be putting a priority on the perfect home!