Sale Horse

Mary’s a Jem (“Freya”)

PRICE: More than $20,000

AGE: 2017

HEIGHT: 17.1h

COLOR: dark bay

SEX: Mare

BREED: Thoroughbred 


VIDEOS: Coming soon!

We got this lovely mare off the racetrack at the end of October 2020. She only had five career starts showing little to no interest in running, and she retired sound with lovely clean legs.

This is a very classy horse that has a naturally soft and springy feel through her back that allows her powerful gaits to really shine. For such a big young horse, Freya has a fantastic sense of where her feet are and is showing the tendency to be extremely careful over obstacles. 

She is a very kind and logical type of horse who is really the straight-A student type. She just wants to be 100% correct all the time! We absolutely adore this mare and know that if she is given the time to develop the strength she needs to be as perfect as she wants to be she will be unstoppable in whatever her chosen sport is!

We will keep the website up to date on her progress and add video to her play list as frequently as possible!