3/30-3/31 Team ABBF Results

A beautiful weekend for Morven Park Spring Horse Trials!!! How did that happen??? Congratulations one and all! The 2019 eventing season continues with excellent results.

3/30-31: Morven Park Spring Horse Trials (Leesburg, VA)

·      Helen Casteel with Unapproachable: 12th in Open Novice-B

·      Abby Gibbon with Jaunty Doll: 5th in Open Novice-A

·      Ella Groner with Grafton: 6th in Training Rider

·      Margaret McKelvy with Runsonstilts: 13th in Open Training-A


3/23-3/24 Team ABBF Results

Another weekend of the 2019 competition season is in the history books for team ABBF and the results are impressive!

3/23-24: The Maryland Horse Trials Starter #1 (Adamstown, MD)

·      Kelley Williams with Katie White’s Chillax: 3rd in Beginner Novice-C     

·      Katie Mayo with Mr Mayhem: 3rd in Training-A; TIP Training Champion

3/9-3/10 Team ABBF Results

Team ABBF is very excited to report results from the second competition of the 2019 season. Looking good Sarah and Dandelion Wine! 

3/9-10: The Maryland Horse Trials Cross Derby (Adamstown, MD)

·      Sarah Harper with Dandelion Wine: 5th in Novice-A

2/23-24 Kelley Williams Clinic Schedule

For anyone wanting to come audit this weekend, remember that it is FREE and we’ll be riding in the cozy, DRY indoor arena! It might go without saying BUT it is muddy my friends…… very, very muddy…..please do your best to stick to paved or gravel surfaces at all times with your vehicle and your horse. It is supposed to rain some more on Saturday too! You can park in the lot in front of the bank barn or use the driveway around the indoor. Please plan to drive clockwise around the indoor so everyone is headed the same direction! Thank you!

SATURDAY, February 23rd
9:00 am
Chris A
Cashell J
Kari A
Yvonneke W
10:30 AM
Janice S
Katie W
Maya O
Lindsay B
12:00 PM
Margaret M
Erin R
Katie M
Helen C
1:30 PM
Laura G
Jessica H
Melissa W
2:45 PM
Janet A
Robin D
SUNDAY, February 24th
1:00 PM
Jenny P
Kathryn S
Ron A
2:15 PM
Allison B
Liz S
Caroline K
Ashley B

2/16 Kelley Williams Clinic Schedule

For anyone wanting to come audit tomorrow’s clinic with Kelley at the farm, below is schedule. Obviously we will be keeping an eye on the weather and will adjust as needed, but fingers crossed the snow misses us!

Remember that auditing is FREE, we just ask that you park on gravel only as the grass is just too wet and muddy right now!

8:00 AM
Liz S
Caroline K
Kari A
Yvonneke W

9:30 AM
Aubrey P
Caitlyn O
Haley M

10:45 AM
Chris A
Maya O
Alison B
Lindsay B

12:15 PM
Jessica H
Laura G
Janice S
Sarah H

1:45 PM
Margaret M
Katie M
Erin R

3 :00 PM
Pat M
Brandy B
Vera F
Katie W


2/9 Michael Alway Mini-Clinic Schedule

Michael Alway will be back at the farm this Saturday morning for a natural horsemanship mini-clinic. To learn more about Michael, visit his website: https://www.michaelalway.com/. As always, auditing is FREE! So come out to the farm to watch and learn!

Saturday, February 9th Schedule

8AM – Kim K & Marley

9AM – Margaret McK & Stilts

10AM – Kim K & Fig

11AM – Pat M & Jewels


12:15PM – Haley M & Brew

1:15PM – Katie M & Jax

1/30 Team ABBF Results

ABBF has officially kicked of the 2019 competition season! While the temperatures and the ice Tate was sporting in his tail for his newest dressage look might have left some of us shivering, we know eventers are an intrepid bunch and at least it wasn’t raining!!! Congrats to Kelley and Tate on their first outing of 2019!!!

1/30: Stable View Winter Horse Trials

· Kelley Williams with Very Tasteful: 13th in Open Preliminary-A

New Year, New Sponsors!

Think we like our EquiDerma products?!

We’re lucky to be starting 2019 off with two new sponsors! Kelley and Kim have been big fans of both EquiDerma and Horse Quencher for a long time, so it’s great to be officially teaming up with them. Both products are distributed by Intrepid International, and you can visit their website to purchase directly from them.

We discovered EquiDerma products over a year ago through the recommendations of a friend and have been avid users ever since. You can find a bottle of Skin Lotion in front of most every stall, and our wash stall is filled with the Sulfate-Free Neem & Arnica Shampoo.  With all of this rain, this is the only product we’ve found to help our horse’s skin funk.  To read all about their equine products, click HERE. Or just ask Kelley or Kim the next time you’re at the farm!
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