#TeamABBF Waredaca Results

10/25-27: Waredaca Classic Three-Day & Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

  • Helen Casteel with Unapproachable: 12th in Training Rider
  • Amy Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 3rd in Open Training-A
  • Katie Mayo with Mr. Mayhem: 6th in Open Preliminary
  • Barbara Miller with Mighty Ambitious: 4th in Open Novice
  • Nan Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra: 8th in Training Rider



10/19-20 #TeamABBF Results

Emerson & Tuey

10/19-20: The Maryland Horse Trials Fall Starter #2 (Adamstown, MD)

  • Debbie Brink with Remember That: 8th in Training
  • Emerson Kasley with Big Bad Tattoo: 2nd in Beginner Novice Combined Test
  • Troy George with Nui: 4th in Novice-B
  • Rebecca Grant with Octavian: 3rd in Elementary-C
  • Tara McShane with Greta: 8th in Beginner Novice-B
  • Julia Scherschligt with Fifteen Cents: 2nd in Elementary-A
  • Alison Teetor with Cracker Jack: 7th in Novice-C

10/20: FADS @ Wyndham Oaks (Boyds, MD)

  • Vera Fontana with Maserati: 2nd in Intro Level, Test B

10/17 Kelley Williams XC @ MDHT Schedule

Kelley has a full day of cross country fun planned for tomorrow at The Maryland Horse Trials! We’re SO excited that it finally rained today! And remember that auditing is FREE and encouraged.
9:30 AM
Shari Young
Tara McShane
Rachel Narrow
Pat Mansfield
11:30 AM
Chris Aurthur
Addison Kasley
Allison Teetor
1:30 PM
Debbie Brink
Amy Gaynor
Katie Mayo
3:30 PM
Troy George
Rebecca Grant

10/4-6 #TeamABBF Results

10/5: FADS @ Playland Equestrian Center (Union Bridge, MD)

  • Pat Mansfield with Ladylovesdiamonds: 1st in Beginner Novice-A
  • Rachel Narrow with sale horse Marley: 1st in Novice-A; 2nd in Beginner Novice-A

10/4-6: Morven Park CCI & Horse Trials (Leesburg, VA)

  • Helen Casteel with Unapproachable: 39th in Area II Novice Championships
  • Amy Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 17th in Open Training
  • Abby Gibbon with Jaunty Doll: 10th in Open Training
  • Nan Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra: 6th in Training Rider

9/21-22 Team ABBF Results

9/22: FADS @ By Chance Farm (Union Bridge, MD)

  • Laila Bolsteins with Mittens: 1st in Beginner Novice
  • Laila Bolsteins with Rowdy: 1st & 2nd in Eventing Training & Above TOC

9/21-22: Marlborough Horse Trials (Upper Marlboro, MD)

  • Kelley Williams with Troy George’s Pahinui: 4th in Novice Horse
  • Kelley Williams with sale horse Yes I Do: 3rd in Novice Horse


  • Katie Mayo with Mr. Mayhem: 6th in Open Preliminary
  • Nan Schumaker with La Cosa Nostra: 5th in Open Training

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9/14-15 Team ABBF Results

Julia & Fig

9/15: CDCTA Fall Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)

  • Amy Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 11th in Open Training-2
  • Abby Gibbon with Extraordinary Girl: 11th in Open Novice-3
  • Abby Gibbon with Jaunty Doll: 9th in Open Training-1

9/14-15: The Maryland Horse Trials Starter #4 (Adamstown, MD)

  • Claire McElwain with Que Sera Sera: 3rd in Elementary-B, TIP Elementary Reserve Champion
  • Julia Scherschligt with Fifteen Cents: 5th in Elementary-A