Our newest sponsorship

We are so pleased to announce our newest sponsorship with Purina Horse Feed and Bowman’s Feed & Pet. We have been feeding our horses Purina grain for many years now and have seen horses from 2 years old to 32 years old absolutely thrive on this diet. Purina offers choices in nutrition that allows us to really customize what we feed to suit each horse’s needs. With the help of Purina’s local Animal Nutrition Specialist Reese Marshall we can be sure we have everyone happy and well feed! All of this on top of the absolute pleasure of doing business with Bowman’s Feed and Pet is just such a wonderful opportunity. Bowman’s is a family run business that really defines the way small, local businesses can serve their community better than any large chain can. If you have not met them, do yourself a favor and stop in or give them a call to see how they can help you with all of your farm and pet needs!