Swan Lake and Waredaca Starter Horse Trials

As we settle in to the winter routine we have a few end of the year results that are pretty awesome! Congratulations to all on good show results as well as a special congrats to Margaret for her year-end awards! GREAT job!!!!

11/25: Swan Lake Local Series (Littlestown, PA)
Mikahla Insalaco with Dynamic Asset: 2nd, 2nd, 3rd & 8th in Open Performance Hunters

11/11: Waredaca Starter Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)
Kristen Parris with ABBF graduate Platinum Edition: 1st in Open Beginner Novice

2023 FADS Season-End Awards
Margaret McKelvy with Runsonstilts: Reserve Champion Adult Amateur Second, Third and Fourth Levels

Laying a solid foundation for our young horses

At A Bit Better Farm, we believe in laying a solid foundation for our young horses. Kim Keating is a vital part of our team and brings a wealth of knowledge to our program. Her unwavering commitment to establishing proper basics through the use of groundwork is evident in her approach. Building confidence and strength through meticulous groundwork forms the cornerstone of our training philosophy, ensuring each horse starts their journey on the right hoof.

Four Oaks Farm Products

You know it’s good when the bottle lives in my hoof picking bucket! Happy hooves make for happy horses! Thanks to Four Oaks Farm Products for the incredible No Thrush Hoof Powder – our go-to solution for healthy hooves!

Patiently waiting for their breakfast

Everyone patiently waiting for their Purina breakfast! A happy horse starts with top-tier nutrition.

We hope to see you at the E3- Maintaining Your Performance Horse event presented by Bowman’s Feed & Pet and Purina! This is a wonderful opportunity to talk to experts about horse nutrition, injury recovery, gastric health, and equine massage.

It’s tomorrow (Nov 16) at 5:00PM and is totally VIRTUAL!

Register here: https://bit.ly/40Ftuac

Autumn around the barn is simply stunning

Autumn around the barn is simply stunning! The colors, the cozy feel, and that golden light – it’s like a postcard picture every day. Can’t help but love this time of year for all the extra beauty it brings to the farm!

MDHT Starter Horse Trials

What a lovely way to wrap up the season for Tara doing her first horse trial with her lovely mare and for Kristen to celebrate her new partnership with Miles! Great job everyone!!!

11/4-5: MDHT Starter Horse Trials (Adamstown, VA)

  • Tara McShane with Candyforacause: 4th in Introductory-B
  • Kristen Parris with ABBF graduate Platinum Edition: 1st in Beginner Novice Championships

Champion Equestrian Wear helmets

We never leave the farm without our Champion Equestrian Wear helmets!

Use my code KWILLIAMS15 for 15% off and free shipping from Toklat—or DM me for a printable coupon to use at your local tack shop!

the Classic Three Day at Waredaca

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love the sport of Eventing. Everything about the Classic Three Day at Waredaca brings me back to that soul deep love for my sport and everyone (horse and human) who is involved. From the family of competitors, coaches, grooms, parents, siblings and friends to the strongly dedicated masses of organizers, volunteers, officials, and tireless contributors, we get a thrilling weekend all built on a foundation of extreme love and dedication for the most awe inspiring companions we have– our horses.

The competitors at this event never let me down with their enthusiasm not only for their own learning and competitive experience but for that of their horses and their fellow competitors. The camaraderie cannot be beaten! That camaraderie extends right through to the people that show up each day to help keep the event moving in the right direction for the competitors and those folks never let anyone down! We have such an amazing team that works to exhaustion to put this on! No matter what, they meet every horse and rider with a smile, and joy to watch the horses really excel in this format!

Congratulations to ALL the competitors… I can’t wait for the next one!