Another Fun Weekend!

Another fun weekend in the books for team ABBF! Great job everyone!

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8/27: PVDA @ All’s Well Equestrian (Dickerson, MD)  

  • Janet Andres with Heat Wave: 3rd in Second Level, Test 1

8/26-27: VADA/NOVA USDF Summer Wind Down I & II (Leesburg, VA) 

  • Julie Augustine with Texas Riddle: 4th in First Level, Test 3 
  • Amy Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 4th in First Level Freestyle  

8/26: Waredaca Starter Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD) 

  • Kelley with Chillax (owned by Katie White): 4th in Beginner Novice Horse  
  • Kristen Parris with ABBF graduate Platinum Edition (formerly Run Far): 3rd in Beginner Novice Horse 

Thank you to Shane

“I sent Rory to sleep away camp with Kelley Williams at A Bit Better Farm while I was on vacation and had my first ride back this evening. I could really feel [the] results of the time she put into getting Rory to move his body more correctly, especially in his neck. It’s like he had a tune up. The problem with being an amature in horse sports (as opposed to sports where your equipment is not a living creature) is that your horse can really only go as well as you can ride. While you are limited by your horse, to the greater degree, your lack of education and experience really limits the horse. You end up developing a partnership full of miscommunication and misconceptions. It’s just the way it is, but it’s frustrating, nonetheless. Lessons help a tremendous amount but I can now say that training rides might be essential, at least for me. As I’m often reminded, the path of understanding is so damn narrow. I’ll take all the help I can get. Grateful for a generous horse and a team of folks who help me.”

I was recently tagged in this post after Rory’s mom hopped on following Rory’s time with us at A Bit Better Farm. I want to take the time to say thank you to Shane not only for your kind words but truly more importantly, your keen observation of what I wish for my students to gain from any time they allow me to put training into their horses. So much of the time my role as an instructor and horse trainer is to be an interpreter of sorts. Helping riders learn to decipher clues that their horses give them about what they do and don’t understand, about what is hard or easy for them and about what they need most to excel. I try to challenge my students to become better riders by becoming better horse trainers themselves, learning to listen and communicate clearly with their equine partners.

Seeing Shane and Rory taking big steps in this direction really reminds me why I love what I do so much!!!

Managing the details

As a professional equestrian, my schedule is a whirlwind of training, competitions, and caring for the horses. The last thing I have time for is managing the details of keeping my website updated, social media running, and scheduling clinics. That’s where Mythic Landing Enterprises comes to the rescue. With their exceptional services, they take care of all the extras that no one thinks goes into running a barn, allowing me to focus on what I love most – training and riding. We love having Mythic Landing as part of our team!

Four Oaks Farm Products

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August 12-19

What a gift the weather was this weekend! Some of our riders made the most of it getting out to a few shows. Congrats to all on great results!

8/19: FADS @ By Chance Farm (Union Bridge, MD)
Margaret McKelvy with Runsonstilts: 1st in Second Level TOC
Tara McShane with Candyforacause: 5th in Training Level, Test 1 + 5th in Training Level, Test 2

8/18-20: Waredaca Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)
Amy Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 2nd in Novice Rider-B
Emerson Kasley with Global Venture: 3rd in Training Rider-A
Shari Young with Pure Cotton: 4th in Beginner Novice Rider-B

8/12: FADS @ Blue Horse Farm (Jefferson, MD)
Tara McShane with Candyforacause: 3rd in Intro-B + 3rd in Training 1/2

Teaching in the summer heat

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Shoutout to our very own Kim Keating

Shoutout to our very own Kim Keating!!! 🐴

Check out her insightful blog post about the Waredaca Three Day Event. She’s sharing valuable tips for competitors, straight from the heart of the eventing world. Get ready to soak up her wisdom and prep for this awesome event!

Check it out here:

July 30 – August 6 Wrap-Up

Congratulations to all of team ABBF (far and near) on a wonderful weekend out and about!

8/6: Olney Farm Horse Trials (Joppa, MD) 
• Haley Miller with He’s True Brew: 7th in Open Novice-B 
• Rachel Narrow with Troy George’s Nui: 2nd in Open Training + Champion Training TIP  

8/5: Spring Gulch Horse Trials (Highlands Ranch, CO) 
• Krissy Singleton with ABBF graduate Windsor’s Song: 6th in Open Training  

7/30: Central Maryland Classic Horse Show @ CoExist Stables (Mount Airy, MD) 
• April Tennyson with Maid of Duhallow: Reserve Champion 2’6″/2’9″ Jumpers 

7/29-30: USDF Dressage @ By Chance Farm (Union Bridge, MD) 
• Amy Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 1st in First Level, Test 3 + 2nd in First Level Freestyle