No Thrush

Everyone is always searching for the quickest fix for thrush- and I think that we have cracked the code! We use Four Oaks Farm Products No Thrush for treatment, protection and prevention and it really works. No more messy thrush treatments for us!!

If you want to try it for yourself, we have free samples at the barn!

June 24-25 Results Wrap Up

Team ABBF had another stellar weekend out and about! Congrats to everyone!

📸 Emerson and Global Venture

6/24-25: Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Horse Trials (Leesburg, VA) 
• Emerson Kasley with Global Venture: 1st in Open Training-B 
• Haley Miller with He’s True Brew: 2nd in Novice Rider 
• Rachel Narrow with Troy George’s Nui: 1st in Novice Rider 

6/24-25: PVDA Ride for Life USDF Dressage Show (Upper Marlboro, MD) 
• Julie Augustine with Texas Riddle: 2nd in First Level, Test 1 + 3rd in First Level, Test 2 

6/24: Fair Hill Starter Horse Trials (Elkton, MD) 
• Kelley with … 
• Banking on You (owned by Kim Keating): 5th in Beginner Novice Horse-A 
• Run Far (for sale!): 3rd in Beginner Novice Horse-A 

Champion Equestrian Wear

There are so many riding helmets out there. The first time I read the helmet ratings from Virginia Tech (2023 edition), I was so proud to be a #ChampionRider! The Champion Equestrian Wear Revolve X-Air MIPS was rated #1 for safety. Our sport is dangerous enough without worrying about banging your head and I am so thankful to be able to ride in some of the safest helmets on the market.

Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials

We had a great time at one of my favorite events of the year! Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials does a wonderful job of making sure they have the nicest courses for everyone from Starter right through to the Intermediate level. I am pretty sure I jumped my first cross-country jumps at Bittersweet Field many, many years ago!  

Getting good baby horses out to their first few events is definitely one of my favorite things to do, and the three we took this weekend did not disappoint. Such good kids! 

📸 Kim Keating’s Banking On You and Kelley’s dressage test  

6/17-18: Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials (Poolesville, MD) 


    • Kelley with … 


    • Banking On You (owned by Kim Keating): 1st in Starter-3 + TIP Starter Champion 

    • Indy Ride (for sale!): 4th in Starter-1 

    • Run Far (for sale!): 1st in Starter-1 


    • Katie Mayo with Mr. Mayhem: 2nd in Sr. Training Rider + TIP Training Champion 

    • Shari Young with High Cotton: 4th in Beginner Novice Rider  

Voltaire Design USA & Canada saddles

You would be so amazed how many people struggle with keeping their own balance independently from their horse. Add to that jumps, or misbehaving horses and the struggle is REAL! So often these problems can be addressed with a good balanced saddle that “wants” you to be in the right place and of course with proper saddle fit so that your saddle moves well with you and your horse. I absolutely love my Voltaire Design USA & Canada saddles. They help maintain a soft seat, easy balance and are designed with the horses’ comfort in mind.

MCTA Jenny Camp & VADA/NOVA USDF Summer Dressage Festival

It was a great weekend for team ABBF, even though I had the good fortune to spend a few days away at Zion National Park! We had some great results for Kenyon and Margaret! Way to go friends!!

6/11: MCTA Jenny Camp (Upperco, MD)
Kenyon Conklin with Galway Bay: 2nd in Intro Rider

6/10: VADA/NOVA USDF Summer Dressage Festival (Leesburg, VA)
Margaret McKelvy with Runsonstilts: 3rd in Second Level, Test 1 + 2nd in First Level, Test 2

📸 Kenyon and Galway Bay by Amy Flemming Waters

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MCTA Horse Trials Results

This was a really exciting weekend for Addison and Very Tasteful. They made their debut together at Modified and pulled off a second-place finish! Way to go!!

6/3: MCTA Horse Trials (Upperco, MD)

  • Kelley with …
    • Valfreyja: 1st in Training-CT
    • Banking on You (owned by Kim Keating): 2nd in Novice-CT
  • Ashley Gross with State of Lux: 3rd in Training Rider
  • Addison Kasley with Very Tasteful: 2nd in Open Modified

Fair Hill International Horse Trials

What a gorgeous weekend for a horse show! Several students made the trip up to Fair Hill to compete and boy was it worth it! Absolutely lovely courses and the nicest crew of people who kept things running smoothly. I think it is so important to get in a good gallop at a place like Fair Hill whenever you can. The horses and riders always seem to flourish on course when they have a little more space to really set a good steady pace. Such a lovely event!

5/20-21: Fair Hill International Horse Trials (Elkton, MD)
Addison Kasley with Very Tasteful: 2nd in Training Rider-B
Emerson Kasley with Global Venture: 2nd in Training Rider-A
Haley Miller with He’s True Brew: 6th in Novice Rider

5/20: FADS @ Plantation Valley Stables (Jefferson, MD)
Jan Solovey with ABBF alum Breezy Bill: 1st in Training Level, Test 2

MGHT Starter III

It’s always a good weekend with team ABBF! Another beautiful outing to MDHT with lovely weather.

5/27-28: MDHT Starter III (Adamstown, MD)

  • Kelley with Valfreyja: 1st in Training Combined Test
  • Kenyon Conklin 4th in Intro-A
  • Addison Kasley with Very Tasteful: 2nd in Modified Combined Test

5/26-28: Virginia Horse Center Eventing Horse Trials (Lexington, VA)

  • Julie Augustine with Texas Riddle: 11th in Open Novice