Loch Moy Spring Fling

Sometimes waiting out the storm is 🌟totally🌟 worth it! We had a great outing this weekend at @Loch Moy Farm ‘s Spring Fling I despite some exciting weather!!

4/22: Loch Moy Spring Fling I (Adamstown, MD)
Kelley with …
🏦 Banking on You (owned by Kim Keating): 1st in Training Level, Test 1 + 1st in Training Level, Test 2
✨ Valfreya: 2nd in First Level, Test 1 + 4th in First Level, Test 2
🦒Margaret McKelvy with Runsonstilts: 5th in First Level, Test 3 + 6th in Second Level, Test 1
🍻 Haley Miller with He’s True Brew: 1st in Training Level, Test 3 + 3rd in First Level, Test 1

Bowman’s Feed & Pet

Thank you Bowman’s Feed & Pet for making it so easy for us to get everything we need without ordering online. Dale and Reese always stop in at the farm to check on us, and we feel so lucky to be part of the Bowmen’s team.

The Maryland Horse Trials

We had a super weekend at MDHT! Freyja completed her first Training level and Claire showed us how to knock off the dust for her first show back this spring! Congrats to everyone on a job well done!

4/15-16: MDHT Spring Starter #2 (Adamstown, MD)
  • Kelley with Valfreyja: 8th in Training-B + TIP Champion
  • Troy George with Pahinhi: 4th in Novice Combined Test
  • Emerson Kasley with Global Venture: 3rd in Training-B
  • Claire Shioutakon with Jump for Sally: 1st in Jr. Novice + TIP Champion
4/9: CDCTA Spring Horse Trials (Berryville, VA)
  • Julie Augustine with Texas Riddle: 1st in Novice Rider
Erin Gilmore Photography

Royal Rider stirrups

We have been loving our Royal Rider stirrups from Toklat Originals! The ergonomic shape helps ease joint stress after schooling and teaching all day. I know that we are 100% entering this contest!

Four Oaks Farm Products

Horse people – our horses see the best vets, chiropractors, farriers, you name it; yet we ignore our aches and pains. This time it worked out for me because I have the best evidence that the Natural Release Muscle Gel from Four Oaks Farm Products works just as well as they say it does! I use it to relieve pain when my chronic tendonitis issues flair up. I just rub a little gel on and immediately feel relief! It also doesn’t leave any residue or come with a strong odor- which I always appreciate.

If you want to try it for yourself, we have free samples at the barn!

March 2023 Newsletter

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T3 & Matrix Saddle Pads and Voltaire Design

I’m sure my students have heard me talk about encouraging their horses to lift their back and wither— but what if you’re having a princess and the pea scenario? From saddle fit to incorrect padding the list of pea suspects goes on and on! Why wonder when you could cross those issues off the list? I always trust my T3 & Matrix Saddle Pads and Voltaire Design USA & Canada. This duo can only be described as a chef’s kiss! 👌My T3 Matrix Ergonomic Half Pad gives my horses (especially the young ones) the space and comfort to lift themselves (and my beautiful Adelaide Dressage Saddle
Hurry up and order your own Matrix pad today! If you’re running out to your local retailer DM me for a coupon, or use the code KWILLIAMS15 for 15% off and free shipping.

Morven Park Horse Trials

As a coach you have some very proud moments indeed. Some of the best are seeing students really pull themselves up and go do what is outside of their comfort zone; something that they know they are ready for but still have some worry or concern because they have never done it before. The success that comes from hours and hours of hard work and from the leap of faith that it will “all be okay because you are ready” is so rewarding! Congratulations to Emerson on her very successful first recognized outing at the training level. It was a resounding success!! 🎉🥳

4/1-2 Morven Park Horse Trials (Leesburg, VA)
✨ Emerson Kasley with Global Venture: 7th in Jr. Training Rider