UPDATE on our Peter Gray clinic

UPDATE on our Peter Gray clinic taking place March 24-25! We’re excited to have Peter flying up from Florida. There will be dressage and jumping ALL days – from intro right up to advanced/GP. Here are the spots/days available and scroll down for the Strider links to snag these last available spots!

FRIDAY, 3/24 A Bit Better Farm

Dressage: 1 available

Stadium: 7 available


Dressage: FULL, waitlist only

Stadium: 6 available

Fri-Sat, March 24-25 at A Bit Better Farm in Brookeville, MD:

Four Oaks Farm Products

Four Oaks Farm Products Natural Release Muscle Spray can be really helpful with tight-backed horses. We apply a little to the low back and across the top of the hindquarters, and give it a light massage to rub it in at the start of our grooming routine. When we finish tacking up the Natural Release goes to work helping to soften those tight muscles. It’s a great way to start off a ride with a softer back and a happier horse!

Monday Motivation

Exercise is always more fun with a friend! Thank you Nick for helping Kim learn more about stretching & core muscles!!

Find Your Balance

I think the words I use most when teaching are “find your balance!”. There is nothing like having a saddle that really helps you to be in the right place so that finding your balance is easy. My Voltaire saddles truly feel like they “want” you in the right place all the time and there is no better feeling I could expect from a saddle. Thank you Stephen S. Bradley Eventing for always keeping it fresh, and thank you Voltaire Design USA & Canada for making it easy!

Peter Gray Spring Clinic

Looking forward to having Peter back to ABBF! Thank you Margaret Rizzo McKelvy and Mythic Landing Enterprises, LLC for organizing, orchestrating and coordinating it all!

The clinics are OPEN for registration! We’re thrilled to have Peter fly in from Florida. There will be dressage and jumping both days, from Intro all the way through Advanced or Grand Prix!

Visit the Strider link below to snag your spot!

1️⃣ Fri-Sat, March 24-25 at A Bit Better Farm in Brookeville, MD: https://bit.ly/3XkGwa4

Our Third Video Featuring Our New Royal Rider Stirrups

Here’s our third video featuring our new Royal Rider Stirrups Italy from Toklat Originals . Kim tried these ones, and as you can tell from the video, she’s going to find them really effective and helpful in reducing torsion and joint stress. These are the Royal Rider T3’s.

Don’t forget when you’re over at toklat.com use my personal referral code KWILLIAMS15 for 15% off your order & free shipping!

Another 👍 for these great Royal Rider Stirrups Italy safety stirrups from Toklat Originals. Thank you Margaret for being a tester!

Lucy—the Great Dane

Not only did Lucy—the Great Dane rescue—decide that Kelley needed help teaching this evening, she also decided she needed a better view.

The Frame Sport Horses Jump Chute Clinic

We had an absolute blast last week working with The Frame Sport Horses taking our horses through a jump chute. Martin and Joe are highly skilled at handling all levels of horses to help them excel. Martin’s eye for jumping form and his ability to create the changes he is looking for is an art form!

We had fun with sales horses Rider and Nick to see what they could do AND Kelley’s up and coming youngster, Freyja, just knocked out socks off! What a horse!!

2022 Equiery Yearbook

Catching up on the new issue of The Equiery ! Love seeing our friends & horses in the 2022 Yearbook!