Sponsor Shoutout: No Thrush

If you walk through our barn, you can immediately tell that we’re fans of No Thrush! We keep bottles everywhere and are quick to give a sample out to anyone that stops by. So why do we love it so much?

Here’s what Kelley has to say: Anyone who has been in barn has heard about No Thrush powder. We use it every day and could not be more confident in this product when it comes to managing thrush. It has that “here today and gone tomorrow” magic to it.

NOW let me tell you about another promising product from the same company called Natural Release! I have used it on my horses pre and post work out plus I have used it with 100% positive results on my own really stubborn tennis elbow. It works!!! The combination of Arnica and Eucalyptus has quickly reduced my discomfort and even some chronic inflammation. Ask me about it to give it a try!!!

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