Sponsor Shoutout: Equiderma, the world’s greatest equine products

We discovered Equiderma products well over a year ago through the recommendation of a friend and have been avid users ever since. You can find a bottle of Skin Lotion in front of most every stall, and our wash stall is filled with the Sulfate-Free Neem & Arnica Shampoo.  In rainy weather this is the only product we’ve found to help our horse’s skin funk. And this summer we added the Neem & Aloe Natural Horse Spray to the mix to help with the flies. 

When asked what she loves most about Equiderma, Kelley had this to say: Equiderma products have actually changed our daily grooming routine. I would be lost without them as much as if you took away my brushes. We use the Skin Lotion daily to treat little spots of flakey skin, rain rot, ringworm, or any little skin irritation. For anything more stubborn we follow up with the Sulfate-Free Neem & Arnica Shampoo. That combination has yet to let us down! Our horses’ skin is clean, clear and shiny thanks to Equiderma!!

To read all about their equine products, click HERE. Or just ask Kelley or Kim the next time you’re at the farm!


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