2/23-24 Kelley Williams Clinic Schedule

For anyone wanting to come audit this weekend, remember that it is FREE and we’ll be riding in the cozy, DRY indoor arena! It might go without saying BUT it is muddy my friends…… very, very muddy…..please do your best to stick to paved or gravel surfaces at all times with your vehicle and your horse. It is supposed to rain some more on Saturday too! You can park in the lot in front of the bank barn or use the driveway around the indoor. Please plan to drive clockwise¬†around the indoor so everyone is headed the same direction! Thank you!

SATURDAY, February 23rd
9:00 am
Chris A
Cashell J
Kari A
Yvonneke W
10:30 AM
Janice S
Katie W
Maya O
Lindsay B
12:00 PM
Margaret M
Erin R
Katie M
Helen C
1:30 PM
Laura G
Jessica H
Melissa W
2:45 PM
Janet A
Robin D
SUNDAY, February 24th
1:00 PM
Jenny P
Kathryn S
Ron A
2:15 PM
Allison B
Liz S
Caroline K
Ashley B

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