2/16 Kelley Williams Clinic Schedule

For anyone wanting to come audit tomorrow’s clinic with Kelley at the farm, below is schedule. Obviously we will be keeping an eye on the weather and will adjust as needed, but fingers crossed the snow misses us!

Remember that auditing is FREE, we just ask that you park on gravel only as the grass is just too wet and muddy right now!

8:00 AM
Liz S
Caroline K
Kari A
Yvonneke W

9:30 AM
Aubrey P
Caitlyn O
Haley M

10:45 AM
Chris A
Maya O
Alison B
Lindsay B

12:15 PM
Jessica H
Laura G
Janice S
Sarah H

1:45 PM
Margaret M
Katie M
Erin R

3 :00 PM
Pat M
Brandy B
Vera F
Katie W


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