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Current Sponsors

No Thrush is an absolute “must have” for every barn!  It is easy use and mess free (unlike some other thrush treatments…)!  With it we can effectively treat even the most stubborn thrush and we have also had great success using it to treat painful scratches and other skin funk in a non-invasive way.  Just apply daily and watch the magic happen!  We’ve also been impressed with their Dust On Wound Powder.  It helps prevent proud flesh from forming and has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help with preventing infection.  You must give their products a try, you will not be disappointed.  

Total Saddle Fit’s shoulder relief girth is one of those brilliant products that makes you wonder why everyone isn’t making their girths this way!  They just make sense when you consider a horse’s anatomy.  These girths help to allow a saddle to sit nicely behind your horse’s shoulder to encourage the use of the full range of motion of their front limbs.  Not only that but the design also helps to keep the saddle in place requiring less help from a breastplate.  They are also really well made out of high quality leather and are easy to care for which is just the icing on the cake!

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Equicrown compression wraps are a game changer.  We use them as a simple, safe, and extremely effective way to manage many issues that affect horse’s limbs, from stocking up, to cellulitis, to even managing rain rot or scratches.  The best part is how hassle free they are.  No need for ointments or liniments with these wraps and they are quite fool proof, making it so that anyone can safely apply them.

The incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff, paired with the high quality feed that we get from FCA, has undoubtedly improved the quality and appropriateness of what our horses eat.  We have a wide range of needs and FCA has thoughtfully and carefully helped us plan each horse’s ideal diet.  Our horses would not have the lovely condition that they do without them.  Needless to say, we are big fans of FCA.

For as long as Kelley and Pat have owned horses, Ridgeview Veterinary Practice and their team of dedicated vets have been there to provide the best care.  The team is attentive and they are always looking for ways to improve the services that they offer to their clients.  The horses at ABBF would certainly not be as happy and healthy without them for sure!
Kelley and her horses love her ECOGOLD dressage and jumping saddle pads.  ECOGOLD pads offer a range of special materials designed to protect your horse’s back and maximize performance.  On top of that the pads have a truly lovely outline that tops off any horse’s turnout with proper style!
Having the knowledgeable staff at MLE on your side eases so many of the burdens that we all have to deal with as business owners.  All Kelley really wants to focus on is riding and teaching to the best of her ability and MLE really helps in letting her do just that! We believe any equine professional could benefit from their services.