6/1-6/2 Team ABBF Results

Lots going on this weekend and all of it super!!! Great job one and all!

6/1-2: Waredaca Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

·      Kelley Williams with Very Tasteful: 13th in Open Preliminary

·      Chris Arthur with Tuxedo n’ Tails: 5th in Novice Rider-A

·      April Franks with Pots and Pans: 11th in Open Preliminary

·      Cashell Jaquish with Corrival: 14th in Novice Rider-A

·      Erin Reilly with Banc D’Or: 2nd in Training Rider

 6/1-2: New Jersey Region’s Horse Trials (Allentown, NJ)

·      Nina Santy with former sale horse Balligomingo: 2nd in Jr/YR Beginner Novice

 6/1-2: Colorado Horse Park Horse Trials (Parker, CO)

·      Jennifer Boggs with former sale horse Dealer of Hope: 15th in Sr. Novice Rider

·      Kristen Singleton with former sale horse Windsor’s Song: 3rd in Open Novice-A


5/25-5/26 Team ABBF Results

Despite the heat our stalwart competitors brought home some impressive results!

5/25-26: The Maryland Horse Trials Starter #3 (Adamstown, MD)

·      Amy Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 4th in Training-A

·      Abby Gibbon with Extraordinary Girl: 7th in Beginner Novice-B

·      Katie White with Chillax: 10th in Beginner Novice-A

5/29 Stephen Bradley Clinic Schedule

For anyone interested in coming audit … remember that it’s free!

1:00 – 1:45


Cheryl S.
1:45 – 2:15


Ashley B. / Kirika
2:15 – 3:30


Ashley B.
Pat M.
Madison N.
3:30 – 4:45


Sydney M.
Katherine R.
Nan S.
4:45 – 5:30


Kelley W.
5:30 – 6:15


Margaret McK.

5/18-19 Team ABBF Results

It was a beautiful weekend for eventing both in Maryland and in Colorado! Congratulations guys!!! Well done!

5/18-19: Fair Hill International Horse Trials (Elkton, MD)

·      Chris Arthur with Tuxedo N’ Tails: 7th in Novice Rider-A

 5/18-19: Spring Gulch Horse Trials (Littleton, CO)

·      Kristen Singleton with Windsor’s Song: 6th in Open Novice-B

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5/4-5 Team ABBF Results

 Major kudos to the intrepid riders that braved the soaking rain on Sunday to have some very impressive results! Truly tough eventers!!!!

5/4-5: MCTA Horse Trials (Cockeysville, MD)

·      Helen Casteel with Unapproachable: 7th in Open Novice-A

·      Grace Gaynor with Studly Dudley: 12th in Open Training-B

·      Erin Reilly with Banc D’or: 5th in Open Training-A

4/20 Team ABBF Results

Despite the downpours Friday Waredaca was able to run their starter horse trials  on Saturday!!! Look at these results! So excited for one and all!!!

4/20: Waredaca Spring Starter Horse Trials (Laytonsville, MD)

·      Julie Augustine with Texas Riddle: 7th in Beginner Novice Horse

·      Claire McElwain with Que Sera Sera: 1st in Open Elementary

·      Katie White with Chillax: 3rd in Beginner Novice Rider

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4/13-4/14 Team ABBF Results

The 2019 eventing season is heating up! Look at these results!!! ABBF is so excited for these competitors. Well done!!! 

4/13-14: Plantation Field Horse Trials (Unionville, PA)

·      Helen Casteel with Unapproachable: 2nd in Novice Rider-A

4/13-14: The Maryland Horse Trials Starter #2 (Adamstown, MD)

·      Abby Gibbon with Leap of Faith: 8th in Beginner Novice-C

·      Katie Mayo with Mr. Mayhem: 4th in Modified

·      Erin Reilly with Banc D’or: 3rd in Training Combined Test

·      Katie White with Chillax: 7th in Beginner Novice-A