Lessons & Training

Lessons & Training

A Message from Kelley …

“I believe that the most important thing a student can have is a sense of responsibility to their horse to ride and train them properly. Only then can a pair be truly safe and successful.  As an instructor, I try to teach people to think like horse trainers rather than just riders.  Every time we interact with our horses, whether on the ground or under saddle, we are training them … and being cognizant of that fact can have a huge impact on your overall success as a team.

Being able to interpret what each individual horse needs is as important to me as knowing what each individual student needs.  I recognize that everyone has different goals, as well as different learning styles.  My job is to ensure that each horse and rider team benefits as much from their relationship as possible.

As an instructor, my greatest sense of accomplishment comes from helping people achieve that “Aha” moment; when they realize there is something very simple they can do to improve their riding that can have a profound impact on their overall product.

I really enjoy working with all different types of people and horses, as it gives me the opportunity to learn a lot as well.  The more I teach, the better horseman, rider, student and horse trainer I become.  It is safe to say that I learn as much from my students as they do from me!”          


A Message from Kelley’s Students …

Lissell-boathouse“seeing the big picture while working on the minute details…”

Margaret Rizzo:  From my first lesson with Kelley, I knew I was in good hands.  She has a unique way of explaining training concepts that makes sense and I’ve had more “light bulb” moments in lessons with her than ever before.  And if something doesn’t make sense right away, she’s happy to explain it in a different way.  Her patience in enviable, and she always makes sure you’re seeing the big picture while working on the minute details.  And on top of that, A Bit Better Farm is the best barn!  Boarded horses are treated as if they belong to the staff, and because of this, I never have worries about leaving my horse in their hands when I’m out of town.  My mare is by no means an easy keeper, and they take her care seriously and help to keep her happy, healthy, and sound even in her 20s.  I’m so thankful to have found Kelley and ABBF!

Always positive, always with a plan …

Janet Andres: Kelley’s amazing. Always positive, always with a plan, and never rattled by anything my horse or I can come up with. And she can reduce any new exercise – or any problem – to its components, so I know exactly what to do the next day. With her calm, methodical approach the filly I bought not long off the track has matured into a lovely mare who’s a lot of fun to ride.



… where dreams come true.

Kim Keating: A Bit Better Farm is a place where dreams come true. With lots of patience and hard work, I finally fulfilled my dream of completing a long format CCI* and I can say confidently that it NEVER would have happened without Kelley and Pat.  Riley isn’t exactly the easiest horse and their unwavering support and Kelley’s fabulous coaching and guidance were pivotal to reaching this goal (and a top 10 finish!).  They will always have my deepest gratitude.

…far and away the best boarding experience…

Barbara Miller: Kelley is one of the most gifted trainers I have ever been lucky enough to work with. Her ability to read horses mentally is one of the things that makes her an excellent trainer, and it has been instrumental in helping me overcome problems I have had with my horses when other instructors were unable to.

ABBF is hands down, far and away the best boarding experience I have ever had. Not only are the people wonderful and the atmosphere friendly and fun, but I know I can trust Kelley and Pat completely in caring for my horses and never have a moment’s worry about their care.

The change is really amazing.

Melissa Wong: Kelley is a tremendously gifted instructor. She has not only improved my riding skills, but she has also given me and my horse so much more confidence jumping! The change is really amazing. And I can’t thank Pat enough for giving me the opportunity to lease her beloved Darby. He truly is the Wonder Pony!


… where horses and students alike are happy and always encouraged to perform to the best of their ability.

Stephanie Tadlock: I am so grateful that I found my way to A Bit Better Farm, a place where horses and students alike are happy and always encouraged to perform to the best of their ability. Kelley is an inspiring teacher who has mastered the art of conveying the complexities of managing a 1200-pound animal in a simple way. She and Pat are positive people who like having fun and seeing their students, boarders and friends succeed. A Bit Better is a great place to be!