About Kelley

About Kelley…

Kelley began her life with horses while attending summer camp at Camp Olympic in Rockville, Maryland.  After attending a few camp shows, Pat decided that mother-daughter riding lessons might be fun.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

After graduating from St. Mary’s College with a degree in Mathematics, Kelley began working for Dr. Will Engel of Ridgeview Veterinary Practice (large animal veterinarian).  Working at the practice has helped fine-tune her horsemanship skills over the years.  In addition, Kelley continued with her riding and competing, and soon found a love of retraining young horses off the track and teaching students.  That, coupled with her passion for eventing, led to her current career as trainer for A Bit Better Farm.

Known for her absolute dedication to her horses, her students, and her wonderfully supportive family, Kelley has developed A Bit Better Farm from a small family barn to a leading event facility.  Possessing an enviable amount of patience, she is a naturally gifted trainer and instructor who always seems to know what her pupils need, whether they be human or equine.  Kelley draws great gratification in her teaching and coaching, and firmly believes that she learns as much from her students as they learn from her.

She credits her success as a rider and horseman to the years of quality training she has received from some of the best in the sport of eventing, namely Boni Caldeira, Jimmy Wofford, Stephen Bradley, Mara DePuy, and good friend Sharon White.  In addition to the eventers who have helped her along the way, Kelley attributes her success in the dressage arena to Susan Graham White and also to Todd Bryan, who along with his wife Becky has been wonderfully supportive and has had a tremendous impact on her riding.  Recently Kelley has been lucky enough to start taking lessons with Linda Zang and she is really enjoying incorporating her expertise into her riding. 

Kelley married high school sweetheart Danny Williams in 2001.  They are the proud parents of Jona (born in 2003) and Tate (born in 2006).

Kelley’s Current Competition Horses

Brazen Bomber

2000 | 16.3H Thoroughbred gelding
by Bombardier, out of Something Brazen
Owned by Kelley Williams

Bomber is the first horse that Kelley has produced to the advanced level.  She has always been smitten with him ever since getting him off the racetrack as a 5yo.  And it’s easy to see why, he is a lovely horse with a super work ethic and obviously quite easy on the eyes.  With the help of Todd Bryan, Sharon White, Susan Graham White, Stephen Bradley, and most recently Linda Zang, he has developed into an amazing athlete and Kelley’s steady eddie.  He is a barn favorite and the golden boy of ABBF.  

1907839_799121730128140_1449721624752587936_oCobras Spots

2008 | 16H Thoroughbred gelding
Owned by A Bit Better Farm

Spots came to the farm as a 3yo sales prospect, and we quickly discovered he was too nice to let go!  With beautiful gaits and perfect natural balance, Spots truly is what everyone should be looking for in a youngster.  Add to that his excellent conformation, laid back personality, and his handsomeness, Kelley didn’t stand a chance.  She is very excited about his future and really enjoys riding him.  Spots ate up the CCI* XC at VAHT in the fall of 2015 and Kelley has her sights set on a move up to Intermediate in 2016.  Where if Bomber were a person, he’d be the super popular and handsome star of the football team, Spots would be the class clown that everyone loved.  This horse has personality and character oozing out of him.

Kelley’s Past Competition Horses

Elegantly Yours (Gulliver)

1990 | 16.3H Thoroughbred gelding
by Weshaam, out of Exclusively Yours

Owned by Pat Mansfield

After competing at the Intermediate level, Gully is retired from upper-level eventing and was ridden by Kelley’s students. He successfully helped one young rider do her first Preliminary, and he loved being a schoolmaster.  Now he is enjoying his retirement and ruling ABBF from the field.

Copper Castle (Cuffy)

1993 | 16.1H Thoroughbred gelding
by Coppabarb, out of Princess Castle

Owned by Kelley Williams

Cuffy is definitely such a special horse, we swear he understands the English language.  He has always had a definite opinion about everything and how it should be done.  After competing at the Intermediate level, he spent a few years as a schoolmaster, but is now enjoying retirement very much.

After Midnight (Shoo)

1990 | 15.3H Thoroughbred mare
Owned by Kelley Williams

This special mare holds the distinction of taking Kelley to her first CCI* and introducing her to upper level competition, as well as dumping her in many a ditch.  After a second CCI*, Shoo went on to teach several young riders the ropes at the lower levels.  She is currently enjoying her retirement at the farm of dear friend and student, Stephanie Tadlock.